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Msc Degree in Environmental Technology

The MSc at a Glance


The Master of Science in “Environmental Technology” (formerly called “Environmental Engineering”) is the FIRST official Graduate Program in this field in the whole of the Autonomous Community of Andalusia. It has been designed by the UNIVERSITY OF HUELVA (UHU) in collaboration with INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF ANDALUSIA (UNIA) and a CONSORTIUM of PARTNER COMPANIES.

The mission of our program is to provide registered students with a thorough training in the discipline, covering the technological, economic, legal and environmental aspects of its related activities. Our aim is to train professionals for the protection of the environment in two aspects: in the identification, analysis and evaluation of the potential effects on the environment, and in the application of the best possible technologies available at any given time, to enable the restoration of the environment that has been disturbed by human activity.

As a result, the professionals who graduate from these studies will hold a comprehensive understanding of an industry -Environmental Engineering- which is growing at rates higher than an annual 30% and which has created more than 200,000 distinct jobs over the past 5 years.

The partnership with a CONSORTIUM of COMPANIES. guarantees the compliance of the training program with the needs of an industry in which these enterprises are national leaders, and it also provides students with the opportunity to do internships upon completion of their Academic Program in a wide range of companies in the environmental sector (see external partners).


Students enrolled in the MSc in Environmental Technology have access to the Career and Placement Office of the University of Huelva as well as to its job bank. It is the aim of this Office to smooth the incorporation of students to the job market, by facilitating their access to their first job through in- house placements, and by supporting their initiatives to create new business ventures.

This Master is aimed at training specialists who will cover the need for professionals in the field of Environmental Engineering: experts in the design, operation and maintenance of renewable energy facilities, with the profound knowledge and technical expertise required to tackle any project in this field. Among the enormous scope of job opportunities for Environmental Technology graduates, we can highlight:

  • · Design of treatment facilities
  • · Development of instrumentation and methodologies for environmental quality assurance
  • · Development of regulations and management strategies to minimize environmental impact
  • · Development of tools and models to predict the environmental impact of human activities
  • · Supervision of environmental research
  • · Design and development of environmental restoration techniques
  • · Environmental Quality Management


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